Tile Stripping, Carpet Cleaning, Waxing and Other Additional Services

Tile Stripping and Waxing

Don’t let those dirty tile floors in the office get you down. We clean tile floors for all types of businesses. We first remove all the dirt and grime with a scrubber or buffer. Often a stripper is applied with a mop and soaks about 15 to 20 minutes. A buffer is used to remove the built up dirt and wax on the tile floors. The dirt and wax is either mopped or vacuumed up. This process is often repeated until all wax from the floor is removed. The floor is rinsed to remove all the dirt.

When the tile floor is dry we apply wax in coats. Often, we use a mop and apply each coat separately. Depending on the condition of the floor, we will determine the number of coats needed to make your tile floors shine. After wax coatings are applied we polish the floor at high speed with a buffer. Your office or business tile floors will look like new. Employees, vendors, and customers will be impressed.


Carpet Cleaning

To Keep Rugs and Carpets Spotless

Stained carpets in an office or business make a bad impression. We have three different methods of cleaning that leave carpets clean and fresh. These methods are hot water extraction, rotary shampoo, and dry cleaning.

Hot water extraction cleans your carpets with hot water and cleaning agents. The machines we use force the water into the carpet at high pressure. This loosens up the dirt, soil, and grime. Then, the machine removes all the dirt and water by vacuuming it up. This method prevents shrinkage and uses a fine stream of water. We have portable systems and truck mounted units to clean your carpets.

Dry cleaning is when a cleaning solution is sprayed into the rug or the rug is soaked with the solution. Sometimes the rug is squeezed lightly then cleaned with a machine with stiff rotating brushes.

Rotary shampooing first starts with vacuuming and cleaning the rug before applying the shampoo. It is sprayed into the rugs from a tank and a brush converts the shampoo into foam. The foam is allowed to dry and is then vacuumed up.

Our carpet experts will discuss the best method for cleaning your rugs and carpets. It depends on the condition and amount of dirt and stains in the rugs. Contact us to get a written estimate and price.

Window Washing and Cleaning

Dirty windows make a business look unprofessional. Our staff will clean windows inside and out for all types of businesses. No job is too big or small for our qualified staff. We will meet you at your business and give you an estimate on cleaning and washing windows.

Water Extraction

Do you have water in your office due to a leaky roof or pipe? We have the equipment to help remove excessive water from your business so it doesn’t ruin rugs and floors. Call us today!

Upholstery Cleaning

Don’t let the furniture in your business get stained and linty. We have the equipment to clean upholstery to make it look like new. We clean sofas, chairs, dining room chairs, ottomans, benches, and love seats. Clean furniture in a foyer or office makes a good impression.

Call Fort Worth Janitorial Service to learn more about our professional services that will be included with your janitorial service. We will come to your business and give you a written proposal and price on all services listed above. Learn more by calling 817-249-6333.