Janitorial Service for Offices and Businesses

When it comes to janitorial services for offices and businesses we offer the highest quality services in Fort Worth. Whether you need a daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning, we provide fast and efficient service. Our janitorial services are designed to keep your office and business looking like new.


We clean those dirty windows and blinds to keep the inside and outside of the business looking professional. Employees do not want to stare at dirty windows and blinds when working and from the outside dirty windows leave customers with a bad impression. These are just a few of the services we offer to help you focus on the important tasks of running a business.

Trash Removal

Trash can accumulate in an office environment when you have several employees working for you. A professional janitorial service can empty the trash and dispose of it properly leaving your office neat and clean. We will dust and clean desks, computer rooms, conference areas, auditoriums and offices. Our staff cleans every part of the office completely and professionally.

Custom Cleaning

Our business can customize your cleaning routine to fit your busy schedule. Do you need tile floors swept and mopped? We can clean them and make them look like new. Employees and visitors will be impressed with your sparkling clean offices.


Bathrooms are another important part of our janitorial services. They need constant attention and are important to workers and customers. A dirty bathroom is a turnoff to employees, vendors, and customers. We clean toilets and mop floors until they sparkle. The sinks in the bathroom will shine and mirrors glisten. The bathroom for both men and women will smell fresh and clean.

Bathrooms are places that get grimy and messy. That is why a professional janitorial service like Fort Worth Janitorial Service will keep your office and business looking like new. Why risk a dirty bathroom leaving a bad impression on your customers and employees.

Rug Cleaning

Most rugs need to be vacuumed regularly. Offices often have carpets that get dirty from employees walking on them. Our staff regularly vacuums rugs and carpets in offices making them look like new. Regular vacuuming keeps carpets inside the office looking presentable for everyday business.

Cleaning Supplies

We bring our own cleaning supplies which are also available to businesses that want to have extra supplies on hand. Our company sells toilet paper, paper towels, chemicals, hand soaps, liners, and cleaners that make your business sparkle. We want to help your business remain professional and successful.

Call us today to have a professional evaluation. Our staff will come out and talk with you and tour your business. We will give you an estimate or proposal for the cost of using our services. Call 817-249-6333 to make an appointment today.